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EDF’s Calendar for October 30 September 2009

Posted by Camille Gooderham Campbell in News & Announcements.

It’s the end of September already, and the lineup of stories for October is up at EDF. This will be an interesting month, since it’s the first one where Jordan has had virtually no input — September’s calendar still had a few stories that had been accepted by him but this one is all mine — and it’s also the first one where our new editor Elissa has had some influence. It will be interesting to see how the readers respond to the different stories.

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 K.C. Ball Canticles
Oct 2 Alexander Salas The Hungry Squirrel
Oct 3 Donna Gagnon Ilker Drennan
Oct 4 Scotch Rutherford Harvest Moon
Oct 5 Matthias R. Gollackner Real World Heroism
Oct 6 Harry Steven Lazerus We Had No Right
Oct 7 Megan Arkenberg Grown from Man to Dragon
Oct 8 Jim Steel Enemy of the Party
Oct 9 Mickey Mills Trajectory
Oct 10 John A. Mackie Destination: Beach
Oct 11 Rachel Lim Water Bottle Musings
Oct 12 Fred Meyer Blind Spots
Oct 13 G.T. MacMillan Evidence
Oct 14 Sarah Hilary Invisible Mend
Oct 15 Essie Gilbey The Love Stone
Oct 16 Erin Ryan Fark Those Takkloving Aliens
Oct 17 Wayne Scheer Stripped of Innocence
Oct 18 Martin Turton A Song for Cara
Oct 19 Krystyna Smallman Miss Flossy and the Ferals
Oct 20 Karl El-Koura Beat-Down
Oct 21 C.L. Holland Beauty Sleeping
Oct 22 Eric V. Neagu The Vegetarian
Oct 23 Shelley Dayton Identity Crisis
Oct 24 Kendra C. Highley When Mom’s Sick
Oct 25 Sharon E. Trotter The Haircut
Oct 26 Karel Smolders Brains
Oct 27 Stef Hall Fingers
Oct 28 B. J. Adams A Hearty Breakfast
Oct 29 Patrick Perkins Feeding Time
Oct 30 Barbara A. Barnett Dumping the Dead
Oct 31 Stefan Bachmann The Pale Lean Ones


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