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Your Past May Be Out There 30 June 2013

Posted by Camille Gooderham Campbell in Random Thoughts.
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Today I discovered that I still have a MySpace profile. Remember MySpace?

It was under an old email address to which I no longer have access, so I’m lucky I was able to make an educated guess at the password and get in to sweep away the cobwebs and tidy the place up. A bit of dust gathers after seven years, you know?

So… do you have old profiles hanging around forgotten on the interwebs? And do they represent who you are now?

When the world moves on from a site or service, it’s easy to lose track of what might still be around. And as you develop in your life and career, you’re probably not the same person you were a decade ago (at the superficial level of profile pictures and status updates and bands you liked and so on). But if someone is curious about you — a potential employer, publisher, reader, fan, romantic prospect, new friend, or someone you admire — a tiny pinch of Google-fu can turn up all kinds of odd things…

And… I just found my forgotten first blog, not updated since 2007. Great.

(Now you’re going to go Google yourself, right? Tell me if you find any surprises…)

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