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Feeling the Love 18 February 2010

Posted by Camille Gooderham Campbell in Random Thoughts.

It’s been tough lately. EDF’s slush pile is mountains high, and the decisions ultimately come down to me. With nasty commenters lurking around every corner, hating every story and casting aspersions on my editorial skills and integrity, I was starting to doubt myself and second-guess every decision I made. 

The EDF team made a decision to crack down on nastiness in the comments, and that helped a bit, but my confidence was still seriously shaken.

And then I saw THIS. And then THIS. And I’ve been smiling all day.

When a story sticks in someone’s mind and speaks to him or her, when someone is compelled to re-read a piece two days later, when someone feels she or he would have been sorry to miss it… that story has done its job right. When I’ve had a hand in bringing that story to publication, when I was the one who said ‘yes’ to it, I know I’ve done my job right too.

None of this is even about me — it’s all about the stories and their authors — but I’m feeling the love anyway.


1. J.C. Towler - 19 February 2010

Those are some nice back-pats.

I really liked each of those stories. “Archer” was my favorite of the group and as soon as I read it I knew it was going to be one of those that the readers loved or hated. It’s like Monty Python: you either get it or you don’t.

No disrespect at all to those who didn’t like it. I’ve tried to start two Nicolas Sparks books and I just couldn’t maintain interest. Everyone has their own tastes and how boring would we be if vanilla (or even chocolate chip cookie dough) was everyone’s favorite.

Chin up. Your efforts are noble, the cause worthy.


2. K.C. - 20 February 2010


J.C. is right. Chin up. Some people have no class. You have it in bucketsful — and talent to boot.

Those of us who got our first leg-up from Every Day Fiction don’t come back often enough to tell you how much we appreciate the opportunity you gave us.

Shame on us.

I have a fraction of your responsibilities and still find it difficult to get through the day, some days.

You have turned out a quality product for two years, still are doing that; don’t let the no-class bastards grind you down.


3. Bernard S. Jansen - 20 June 2010

“Illegitimi non carborundum” – it’s the motto of editors and writers alike.

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